Looking Into Thailand Weddings Prices

Thailand Weddings Prices1Thailand can be an amazing place to have a wedding. The weather is beautiful, the food is great, and the scenery is very romantic. Having a wedding in Thailand could quite possibly make your wedding the most special experience of your life. Your friends and family are sure to love the exotic location and food as well! However, it’s important to look into wedding ceremony in Thailand to make sure you know what you’re getting into, and so that you know you’re getting the best deal you can.

The first thing to do when looking at Thailand weddings prices is set yourself a limit. Know how much you’re willing to spend up front so that you don’t let little extra costs nickle and dime you into poverty. If you set your limit first and don’t go over it, you can adjust factors until you know you can afford your wedding from the fund you’ve set aside for it.

One hot tip is to have your Thai wedding in the morning. A large part of any wedding budget is the food, and a Thai brunch is much less expensive than buying dinner for a group. Having a wedding brunch will save you a lot of money and let you spend that money elsewhere.

One important aspect of Thai weddings to keep in mind is that using foreign flowers can be very expensive. Instead of looking for traditional American or European flowers, use some of the beautiful flowers native to Thailand. Hibiscus, orchids, and frangipani are some beautiful Thai natives that will spice up your wedding with some exotic flair and keep your budget low.

Try to get a honeymoon packaged with the wedding. There are many Thailand beach wedding packages online that will bundle up the wedding costs along with a full honeymoon package, so you can go straight from the wedding to a beautiful vacation in exotic Thailand. Getting both together can save a lot of money; honeymoons can be very expensive!

Thailand Weddings Prices2For the wedding ceremony, try finding an out of the way, exotic location rather than a big resort. You can pay a lot to rent a major resort in the city, but it can be a lot more fun and romantic to choose someplace a little more out of the way and a little less expensive. Ask your wedding planner about such out of the way areas to see if there’s a way to cut down on costs by having your wedding in a more interesting place.

Thailand weddings prices can be intimidating when you first start looking, but if you follow this advice and look for the things I’ve suggested, you may be able to have your Thailand wedding even cheaper than having it at home! Thailand is a beautiful and exotic country that your friends and family will love visiting, and your wedding will be a memory that lasts you and your partner a lifetime. Get online and start looking into where to get married in Thailand now!